For those who don’t already know, Microsoft Teams is slowly (but surely) replacing Skype for Business. So we figured, what better time to start learning the ins and outs of Teams! This blog will spotlight 5 video’s we think will help you with your transition to Microsoft Teams:

How to start a Conversation with a Colleague

Starting off with a simpler feature, this video will teach you how to access the ‘chat’ section in Teams, as well as how you can start a conversation with a colleague!

How to Attach a File to a Message

Having learnt how to start a conversation in the previous video, this next feature will teach you how to attach file/s to a message! This process involves simply selecting a recipient, attaching a file by selecting the paper clip icon, and pressing ‘upload’.

How to Manage Files on the Conversation Tab

Now that the previous video has taught you how to attach & send files, this next feature will teach you how you can edit/manage files after having attached them to your message. This process involves clicking on the ellipsis above your file and selecting edit or delete. By choosing to edit your file, you can add text, add stickers, and even add additional files.

How to Access your Outlook Meetings

Having covered some of the more basic features, this next video will explain how you can access Outlook meetings in Microsoft Teams! It’s as easy as selecting the ‘meetings’ tab, and from there you can see all your synced Outlook meetings. When in the meetings tab, users can access meeting detail and times, accept/decline meetings, views the organiser and attendees of the meetings, and even schedule your own meetings!

How to add Planner into Microsoft Teams

Finally, this last feature will explain how you can add a Planner tab into your chosen Team, thereby making it easier to create plans and assign tasks from within Microsoft Teams. Click the video below to learn more:

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