Our Office 365 training app makes it easier than ever to train business users up on all the latest office 365 applications!

This blog will discuss exactly why our mobile app can provide users with a more efficient method of learning.

Office 365 Mobile Learning

One natural benefit of our office 365 training app is that it can be accessed wherever, whenever.

Incorporating our online portal into an app made perfect sense, since it enables on-the-go learning, giving users complete freedom as to when and where they wish to learn.

For example, if you are using Microsoft Word, and wonder how to print, you can quickly open the app, watch a video, and immediately get back to work.

iPhone screenshotOffice 365 Self-led Learning

Everyone learns differently, some prefer large quantities of information at once, whereas others prefer to learn in little chunks. So, we�ve made sure to cater to all kinds of learners!

Our full-length videos on the 365 Cloud academy are usually around a minute long, however, our app features short, snippet, GIF style videos only 10-15 seconds long!

So, to those who prefer to learn in smaller chunks, our office 365 training app may better suit your needs.

Our videos have also been edited so that they’re suitable for viewing on a phone.

These shortened office 365 videos feature zooms so that the instructions are easy to follow on a smaller screen, and does not require audio to explain, resulting in an entirely visual tutorial.

iPhone screenshot

Learning on Multiple Devices

In addition to learning on the go, technology enables users to install the app on all devices they may interact with on a daily basis. This can include Laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The ability to learn on multiple devices further enhances the convenience of user training, and why many may prefer to access the 365 Cloud Academy through our office 365 training app.