Windows Virtual Desktop for Non-Profits

Are you a Non-profit Organisation looking for a more secure, trusted way to manage your company’s cyber-security? Are you looking for the right partner to help guide you through the change and keep you up to date in the future as well? Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop is the ideal solution for you.

With the built-in security features for Non-profits, Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure allows you to completely protect your entire organisation against the threats of cyber-security.

The Security Programs on offer provide you with a comprehensive set of security tools that help to gauge your organisations risks, provide monitoring that is proactive and helpful, as well as help with training too. You’ll have access to a range of tools, resources, and ways to make changes in your business in order to make the move to the cloud as easy as possible.

‘Improve user experience, simplify management, and reduce overhead costs with Windows Virtual Desktop. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) gives you the best multi-session virtual desktop and Office 365 ProPlus experience. WVD certified solutions address hybrid requirements and existing solutions, ensuring the most cost-effective, frictionless way to move to the cloud.’ – Microsoft

Needing help with Microsoft Virtual Desktop or Azure? Connect with us, a Microsoft Partner to help.

We understand and make it our main goal to accelerate your mission as a Non-profit organisation – as a Tier 1 Gold Microsoft Partner we are able to deliver solutions like infrastructure and data management, to AI and chatbots that help make your Non-profit more efficient and innovative.

If you would like to find out more about how you can make the move to the cloud and use Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop – please give us a call, we would love to help you!