See This: Update on Microsoft’s Sustainability Commitments

Microsoft, together with their Partners, have pledged to make Sustainability Commitments in 2021 – they just released the latest report on their progress, their challenges, and the learning they’ve made along the way so far.

Microsoft pledged to focus on a few core areas which are broken up into carbon; water; waste; ecosystems; campuses & datacentres; and finally, devices too. Through these pledges, Microsoft have made it possible for their partners and their users to also work towards and identify ways in which they too can make a meaningful change.

‘When we announced our climate commitments in January 2020, we also committed to transparency in sharing our learnings. This year’s report includes several important lessons, and our goals remain consistent: we aspire to build a world better than the one we found, and to help our customers and partners do the same.’ – Microsoft

If you would be interested in reading the full report and see how things have progressed in each of their core focuses, please follow this link.

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