Microsoft & Artificial Intelligence: How It Is Benefitting the Healthcare Sector

Are you interested to find out how Artificial intelligence can be used in the Healthcare Sector? Are you an IT Manager at a Healthcare Facility looking for help in getting set up to use AI for your business operations and teams?

Microsoft has partnered with one of the leading technology specialists, Nuance, and opened up the possibility for companies to design innovative solutions that amplify human intelligence and revolutionize how people interact with technology.

For those organisations who have already embraced the use of AI, they are reaping the benefits and providing their users, or patients, with much more tailored and personalised solutions that take previous data and customer history into consideration and provide your teams with better and more suited solutions to solving certain problems and making your patients experience a good one.

‘The promise of technology to advance and meaningfully improve people’s lives has never been greater. That is why we are incredibly excited that Microsoft + Nuance have joined forces as one organization.  As a pioneer in conversational AI and ambient intelligence, Nuance combines the power of cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise across an array of industries – including [the] healthcare [sector].’ – Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI Group, Microsoft and Mark Benjamin, CEO, Nuance

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